Common Knee Injuries

by Craig W. Goodhart, MD 21. July 2014 12:06

The knee joint gives us most of the strength and stability that enables us to do everyday activities like standing and walking. It is one of the strongest and most stable joints of the body which has to bear a large percentage of our body weight at all times. The importance of healthy knee joints cannot be overstated and any problem affecting the knee has the potential to be seriously debilitating and inconvenient. The knee, due to the heavy use it sustains, can be particularly vulnerable to a number of different problems. Here are some of the causes and lines of treatment for knee injuries.


The knee joint can face serious damage from heavy impact, resulting in fracture of the knee. Falls from great heights or vehicle accidents are most often the cause behind knee fracture which can cause major pain, loss of strength and stability of the affected leg. Most often, the bone patella gets fractured, but fractures might also occur at the end points of the femur or the tibia. To treat a knee fracture, prolonged rest and immobilization of the area might be prescribed, along with the use of pain medication and ice packs. For severe fractures, orthopedic doctors might prefer to go the surgical route.


A dislocation in the knee happens when the bones in the area fall out of alignment, due to impact damage or trauma. Mostly the tibia or the femur might fall out of their natural positions and sometimes even the patella can slip out of place. Dislocations are mostly caused due to impact damage but they can also affect people who already have structural abnormalities of the knee. Treatment usually consists of reduction, a process in which gentle pressure is put on the affected bone to snap it back into place. This is followed by a period of rest, gentle exercise and physical therapy to restore full functionality to the injured knee. Serious cases of dislocation may be treated with surgery.

Meniscus Tear

A very common knee injury is a meniscus tear. Any sudden abnormal motion of the knee like twisting, flexing or pivoting can cause the meniscus to tear and get damaged. Menisci also tend to get weaker with age related deterioration and due to conditions like arthritis, which makes them vulnerable to get damaged easily. Nonsurgical lines of treatment include rest, the use of ice packs, compression and elevation to reduce swelling. In serious cases, an orthopedic surgeon can go for a surgical procedure.

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