Tips To Prevent Knee Injury

by Craig W. Goodhart, MD 23. July 2015 06:38

A knee injury can occur due to severe impact, hard fall, excessive workout, repetitive movements or poor posture. Knee injuries are common among athletes due to tough training routines and regular intense workouts. It is crucial to remain cautious and adopt the right techniques to avoid undue stress on the knees.

Here are some tips to prevent knee injury:

  • Warm up before working out: If you are going for an intense workout or physical activity, make sure you warm up and cool down properly after the session. This will raise the body temperature and prepare you for the workout. Warming up makes the muscles more flexible and increases the oxygen supply to the tissues, thus reducing the chances of a sprain and other knee injuries.
  • Do not increase the miles abruptly: To avoid overuse injuries while running, you should limit the increase in mileage to 10 percent of the previous week. Increasing the number of miles covered too quickly puts the muscles under strain and leads to injuries. 
  • Run on even surface: Often knee injuries occur when you run or walk on an uneven surface, which puts undue stress on ligaments. Rough terrain can lead to ankle sprain or strains, so it is important to be extra cautious on these trails.
  • Stay in the right form: You must use correct exercising and running techniques. It is also crucial to work on your posture to prevent any knee injuries.
  • Replace your sports shoes regularly: Wearing ill-fitted and worn out shoes can also lead to knee injuries due to wrong placement of weight on the foot. You must replace your shoes after certain period and choose shoes that offer the right support to your feet.
  • Go for strength training: You should strengthen your muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments with the help of weight lifting, which increases structural fitness. You must also ensure that you use the right equipment according to your individual strength and comfort.
  • Avoid overtraining: Often, athletes tend to over-train their muscles and tendons, which makes them susceptible to overuse injuries. It is essential to take regular breaks to avoid knee injury.
  • Healthy weight: You must maintain the right body weight as being obese puts undue pressure on the knees and leads to injuries.

In order to keep your knees healthy and avoid knee injuries, make sure you do strengthening and stretching exercises in routine.

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